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Based in Melbourne, Telecom Team Pty Ltd is one of most reputable go-to providers for telecommunication installation. No matter whether you are a builder, an architect, a surveyor, a developer or a homeowner, we are one of the best telecommunication installation experts in Melbourne to offer you a wide range of telecommunication services.

Telecommunications can very well be complicated. This is where our experts would turn up as your saviour. Our experts offering Telecom Services in Melbourne are experienced and qualified enough to simplify the process of getting your property National Broadband Network (NBN)-ready and can assist you at every stage - right from drafting of plans, installation of pits & pipelines, right through compliance documentation and implementation of the infrastructure. Thus, when you put stakes on our telecom installation experts in Melbourne, you can be sure of getting a holistic service, which will meet your custom needs.

Professionalism has been the Key Feature of ourTelecom Installation Services in Melbourne

Telecommunications can very much be complicated. Thus, as one of the best Telecommunication Companies in Melbourne, we aim to simplify the process of getting your subdivision or development NBN-ready. We do this by using cutting edge technology and the vast, in depth knowledge of our experts. Our experts offering telecom services in Melbourne can assist you at every stage to set up the entire system in a seamless, quick and professional way. From the drafting of the most effective plans to installation of pits and pipes we will do all. We thus, are your one stop solution as a reputable telecommunications service provider.

Our experts offering telecom installation in Melbourne will also help you obtain compliance documentation from the authorities in a fast and proper way. We are also next to none in offering in-home wiring - be it fresh or replacement of old wiring. Thus, when you put stakes on us we can handle the entire process from start to finish, and deliver individual services that will suit your bespoke needs. So when you put stakes in us we offer you end to end services, thus turning out to be your one stop solution in regards to telecommunication services in Melbourne.
Our Main Services
Commercial Telecommunication Service
Office Data Cable installation
Telecommunication Installation
CAT6 Data Cabling
MDF Jumpering Service
NBN Fibre Optic Cable Installation
Internet/NBN Repair or Fault Investigation
NTD Relocation

Why Choose Us?

We are your one stop solution as a Telecommunication Provider in Melbourne, offering a wide gamut of services under an umbrella - IT Health Check, Business Continuity, Backup & Recovery, Collaboration Tools, Cyber Security, IT Strategy & Roadmap, Cloud Computing, Project Management. Besides, we also offer Commercial Telecommunication Setup, MDF Jumpering Service, Internet/NBN Repair or Fault Investigation, NTD Relocation, CAT6 Data Cabling, Home Phone Line Repairs.

These apart:

  • All our experts are highly trained and qualified to come up with the best and flawless telecommunication installation in Melbourne and associated services.
  • We have access to the latest tools and technology that helps us to come up with NBN-compliant solutions that meet the bespoke needs of our clients
  • Despite being the best in the business, our telecommunication installation experts in Melbourne come up with affordable service, which helps you to get the best solutions without going beyond your budget.
What Makes Us the Best Melbourne Telecommunication Installation Experts?
As an immensely successful Telecommunications Contractor in Melbourne, Telecom Team Pty Ltd is next to none when it comes to implementing correct planning, documentation, communication pits & lines into your facility, residence as well as personal access chambers. As the NBN network is being slowly introduced in and around Melbourne like the rest of Victoria, our experts consider the various compliance requirements to deliver optimum results for our clients within a specific timeframe. This makes us one of the most prominent telecom service providers in Melbourne.

It has always been the very objective of endeavour to make the entire process simple and easy for you.

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About Us! Telecom Team are Civil and telecommunications installation, maintenance and fault repair Company that aims to provide residential and commercial customers a simplified way to book and schedule a

What if my property is a few years old, but I want to subdivide it now and the council wants Forms 1 & 2?
You will have to obtain VC81 council compliance documentation as it is the only document we will be able to help you with. Essentially you will need the registration with NBN and Forms 1 and 2. This is the registration process through which you can obtain a provisioning letter to comply with the VC81 legislation with council.
How can I obtain a quote for your Telecommunication Services in Melbourne?
It is pretty simple. Just call us at 1300 900 743 or write an email at to get a free online quote.
Can I submit my own designs after it has been framed by my own consultant?
Well, you can do so and we are not that rigid. However, the drawings and recommendations must strictly comply with the G645:2017 standards. And its guidelines are extremely strict. So we would recommend opting for our service to have the recommendations approved by the authorities.
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