Your Favourite MDF Jumpering Professionals in Dandenong

Telecom Team Pty Ltd. is home to some of the best MDF jumpering professionals in Dandenong, who would help you in conducting jumpering that is needed to be carried out after you have obtained a new telephone connection or a ADSL 2+ or an internet connection from NBN at your commercial complex or multi-dwelling apartment block.

Our highly qualified and skilled MDF jumpering professionals in Dandenong are fully licensed and would come up with the best services, using the latest tools and technologies to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our expertise and use of the best tools and equipment from leading brands help us to provide guarantee services to our valued customers.

What is MDF jumpering?

When you order a new telephone connection or have any new ADSL service, your service provider would only connect the new service to the MDF at your unit complex. TheMDF or the Main Distribution Frame is the point where all the cables originating from various sources terminate . Hence, it is the responsibility of the service providers to activate your newly acquired services through to the MDF ‘A’ side. However, this will not establish the phone/ADSL point connection at your unit. This is where our MDF jumpering professionals in Dandenong would chip in.

What do our MDF Jumpering services include?

The services we offer would cover every aspect of MDF (Main Distribution Frame) jumpering, which include:

  • Locating the TAG at the MDF with a designated identification number
  • Getting the ADSL or NBN connectivity at a preferred point of your premises
  • Carrying our log entries in he MBF book, as per the set regulatory standards
  • Performing quality check across the lines for the standard speed of data transmission

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