Customers ask all the time, Can I move my NBN box (NTD)? This could be due to various reasons, unsightly or inappropriate location. Poorly ventilated area such as a small cupboard. Location where the temperature often goes beyond the recommended range (under 10 degrees or over 40 degrees). The area is damp or wet. High traffic area where the box can be knocked or getting poor Wi-Fi connection in areas far from the location of the NTD.

The professional Team at Telecom Team can easily find a suitable location or work with you to find a best location for the device. What our techs will do on the visit:

  • Check the new location and recommend the setup with you.
  • Run the require cabling.
  • Connect the NTD box at the new location and ensure it has returned to operational state.
  • Test Internet connectivity and Wi-Fi connectivity and signal strength.
NTD Relocation Service