CAT 6 Ethernet Cable Installation in Melbourne

Are you looking for a name that can come up with high quality, customised CAT 6 Ethernet Cable Installation in Melbourne? Your search should end at Telecom Team Pty Ltd. We are home to some of the best and the most qualified experts, offering high quality structured CAT 6 ethernet cabling, with the use of the best tools and technology, to keep pace with the changing requirements & speed, and emerging trends of new state of the art technology. We use cables of only the top brands and have been dealing with all the CAT 6 cable, including CAT 6 CM cables, CAT 6 CMR cables, CAT 6 CMP Cables.

All our installers have ACMA (Australian Communication and Media Authority) licence and are impeccably trained on the latest installation methods as well as terminations.

Why is CAT 6 Cabling Important?

CAT6 is a standardised cable used for Ethernet connectivity between Computers/Laptop and Routers/Modems/Switches.

Although most devices come with Wi-Fi connectivity, Wi-Fi has limited connectivity range and as the device moves further away the connection deteriorates. On top of distance other devices, and walls will limit the connectivity.

If you’re paying for a high speed NBN Internet through any provider, Wi-Fi will not be able to give you the full speed available.

Why not run Ethernet (CAT6) cables from your modem to your study/home office or to the back of your TV or media player?

Our Telecom Team will be able to run all the cables throughout your house and give you full Internet speed available all the time.

  • Telecom Team will run the cable from your modem to you device, no cables will be visible as everything will run through either the roof cavity, subfloor or walls
  • Install wall socks at each end.
  • Test the cable to ensure full throughput capacity is achievable without any errors

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