Custom CCTV Installation Services in Melbourne

Crime is on a sharp rise globally, and Australia is no exception. Thus, your need of the hour has to be an extra security blanket at your property – domestic or commercial. And that can be done by installation of e-surveillance setup in the form of CCTV cameras. If you are in Melbourne looking for the best security system supplier that is into installation of CCTV cameras, then Telecom Team Pty Ltd. should be your automatic choice.

With highly qualified & experienced experts having access to cutting edge tools and technology at our disposal, we are next to none when it comes to providing CCTV Installation services in Melbourne.

Why is the installation of CCTV Cameras so Important?

Installation of CCTV cameras carry a baggage of advantages with it. Firstly, the very presence of these cameras will act as a deterrence for the perpetrators of crime. Secondly and most importantly, the modern cameras come with a string of state of the art value added features, which will help you have clear images of any incident at your premise 24×7 captured, recorded, and delivered to you regardless of your location. Thanks to the modern IR, night vision cameras, you can have crystal clear images of your properties, regardless of the weather & light conditions.

Thus, when you hire us for CCTV Installation services near Melbourne we will take into account the threat perceptions your property is exposed to, and will suggest to you the right type of cameras to be set up at the right spots for the best results.

What are the value added features of the modern CCTV cameras?

The modern CCTV cameras that we install offer:

  • High Quality video formats
  • Tamper-proof Structures
  • Up to 4K UHD images
  • Weatherproof systems
  • Provision of motion-activation and continuous recording

What type of cameras do we offer for installation?

Our Melbourne CCTV Installation experts are equally competent at installation of:

  • IP cameras
  • Bullet cameras
  • Dome cameras
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras
  • Video doorbells and intercoms
What Makes the Best Name for CCTV Installation near Melbourne?
We have in our team some of the most qualified and experienced experts who are more than familiar with the latest CCTV cameras and associated technology.

They have access to the latest tools and technology that enables them to come up with flawless installation.
When hired, they will consult with you, take into account the threat perceptions your property is exposed to, and will consider its layout, to determine the strategic points where the cameras are to be set up.

We are accessible 24×7 and that’s an added feature of our service.

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