About Us!

Telecom Team are Civil and telecommunications installation, maintenance and fault repair Company that aims to provide residential and commercial customers a simplified way to book and schedule a wide range of telecommunication services and including NBN cabling and faults through our closely connected ISP and contractors.

Civil pit and pipe installation service. These are necessary to establish telecommunication connections to your property, building complex, or home. We provide the complete pit and pipe service, including the required labour force. This type of work is usually performed on top of existing infrastructures, for easier maintenance and access in case of damage.

As specialist excavation professionals in the telecommunication sector, we have obtained extensive expertise and knowledge to be able to deliver a wide range of excavation services for any project.

We want to provide our customers a crystal clear and user-friendly website so you can get your phone and data services whether through the NBN or another service delivery type installed/connected with our professional telecommunication installation experts.

Our expert phone line, data cabling and network engineers are part of a united team.

Please contact us if you would like more information through our Contact Us page.